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Wapres Minta ALFI Berikan Kontribusi Terbaik Dalam Peran Logistik

PT. Multi Angkutan Ekspress or better known as RajaPindah continues to innovate by launching a mobile application to streamline national logistics flows. Once this innovation runs smoothly, the company targets transactions of IDR 250 billion.
"If operations and human resources in each country are ready, then it will not be difficult to achieve that target," doublequote; said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) RajaPindah, M. Akbar Djohan, in a press release, Sunday (3/4/2016).
According to Akbar, the company's target markets are offices, apartments and residences. RajaPindah has created several service innovations that are not limited to just moving services, but also transportation services, or logistics to serve the delivery and distribution of general cargo, projects and heavy cargo throughout Indonesia.
"This includes how we raise the enthusiasm of logistics entrepreneurs. It is only natural that national logistics industry entrepreneurs are able to become leaders in their own country and are ready to advance towards the international realm, so that the issue of slow national logistics flows can progress more quickly, explained Akbar."
With the innovation provided, Akbar is optimistic that RajaPindah will become the top leader in the gauze mover market and open access to a wider range of customers.
I see that the potential is quite large and I will become a top leader. If that happens, it is possible that if we can obtain market share within the country, then we will expand our network overseas, concluded Akbar.
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