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Raja Pindah is a professional moving company established in 2011. Raja Pindah can assist your local and domestic moving request for both residential (homes, apartments, boarding) and commercial (office, shop, warehouse, factory). In addition, we also provide international moving services.


The services provided includes:

  • Packers: Trained and experienced manpowers who will carry out the moving process from dismantling, packing, delivery to the reposition of the goods/items at the final destination.
  • Packaging Materials: we will provide all the packing materials to pack all the goods to be moved.
  • Moving Tools: peralatan kerja yang akan digunakan untuk proses pemindahan barang telah teruji dan berkualitas standar internasional.
  • Moving Transportation: vehicles that will be used for moving such as pickup, truck and van are all tested in accordance with safety standard and equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) which will facilitate the tracking of goods during move.
  • Dismatling and Reposition Services: the process of dismantling and reposition of goods at the final destination.

Raja Simpan is the latest service from Raja Pindah that provides storage solution for you, either for personal or office purpose.


Three main services of Raja Simpan:

  • Self Storage: Raja Simpan Self storage are mini containers which can be accessed personally with adequate security system (security and CCTV). Our self storage is intended for those who usually stay in apartment or do not have a storage place at home.
    Self storage is typically used for storing items that are rarely worn as clothing, shoes, handbags, furniture, bicycles, motorcycles, document/records, etc. For small companies, self storage can be used as a logistic storage facility to store inventory. You will be given a special mini container as self storage with a capacity 5 cbm so that you have the freedom and privacy to access your belongings whenever you need.

  • Record Storage System: Documents are very important because it is a source of information; for this reason, Raja Simpan provides a storage solution, maintenance and even destruction of documents, so you do not have to waste times and provide a special place to store and care for the documents. As a solution provider for Record Management, we have a physical document storage space specially designed and integrated with Barcode System to facilitate the search and retrieval of documents.

  • Warehousing: Raja Simpan has a large warehouse to be used as storage of goods such as commercial goods, household furnitures, office furniture, vehicles, and other commodities.
    Raja Simpan’s warehouse is located in Citeureup, with an area of 6000 m2. Our warehouse is equipped with 24-hour security system, CCTV, smoke detector and pest control so as to protect and secure your belongings.

Raja Pindah provides packing services using quality packing materials and professional manpowers to ensure safety of goods.


Packing services which we offer can be used for household or industry both for storage and also for the domestic and international shipments. We select quality packing materials to ensure the safety of goods for shipping and storage purposes.

Raja Pindah provides quality-tested carton box and packing material specifically catered for the purpose of storage or shipment of your goods.


Here are some sizes of the carton boxes:

  • Small box          48 x 45 x 36 cm  = Rp. 25.000/pc
  • Medium box     50 x 50 x 50 cm  = Rp. 30.000/pc
  • Large box          50 x 50 x 76 cm  = Rp. 35.000/pc

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Sales Office :
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Hotline/WA : (0822) 82803555
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2014-08-18 - Posted by Admin

In order to provide you with a tailor made service, Raja Pindah offers you with a variety of moving package.

This package allows you to quickly determine which one is the best service suited for moving your house or office

Want to know other m

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2014-08-18 - Posted by Admin

Our company is expanding. We are currently seeking skilled and experienced individual who is willing to help Raja Pindah to grow further.

For more info, click Here

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2014-03-10 - Posted by Admin

You can pay your moving cost by instalment? Interested ?

If you are a BCA credit cards holder, you can enjoy 0% installment for moving with Raja Pindah.

You can also choose your preferred installment scheme between 3, 6 or 12 months

terms and conditions:

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